How to Get the Most Money Out of Your Real Estate Investing?


If you’re investing in a property for the first time or have a portfolio of properties, you want to be sure you’re earning the best return possible. The reality is that getting the highest return on your real estate investment takes time and effort. To get the most out of your investment, make sure you keep track of your property and what’s going on with it at all times, even when it’s occupied.

Here are some proven methods for increasing your rental yield and profit on your property investment.

Calculate your rental yield

The final return you make from your investment is known as rental yield. When a tenant pays you rent, the entire amount does not go directly into your pocket; you must also cover a variety of other expenditures and bills. Property management fees, repairs, property maintenance, and taxes are some of the costs associated with your property.

You may figure out your rental yield by subtracting your rental income from your costs and expenses. This number might assist you in determining how much money you make from your investment property.

How do you calculate rental yield?

This procedure is divided into two parts:

Gross rental income

  1. Calculate how much rental revenue you earn over the course of a year.
  2. Subtract the value of your investment property from your annual rental revenue.
  3. To get the proportion that represents your gross rental yield, multiply this by 100.

Net Rental yield

  1. Calculate how much you spend on your investment property’s costs each year.
  2. Calculate the annual rental revenue your investment property generates.
  3. Subtract the whole expense from your rental income for the year.
  4. Multiply this figure by 100 and divide by the value of your home.

How to Increase the Rental Yield on Your Investment Property?

Set the right rental rate for current market conditions

To guarantee that you determine the optimum rental rate for your home, you must thoroughly analyse current market conditions, the type of property, and the location of the property. To ensure that your home is filled as soon as possible and at the rental rate, you must be able to strike a balance between great rental returns and locating good renters quickly. If you set your rental rate too high, you’ll attract fewer renters, and if you set it too low, you’ll miss out on a fair return on investment.

As a result, how successful you are in securing a suitable tenant is determined by the rent you set. You can select a higher rent based on the area and the types of properties in that area. If your house is in a remote location, though, you may need to establish a lower rental rate. To avoid ending up with a vacant home, it’s critical to stay aware of market trends and conditions.

Furthermore, you must be vigilant to market situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic, during which you may need to cut your rent somewhat to avoid long periods of vacancy and preserve a regular stream of rental income as a landlord.

Make sure you're using smart real estate marketing techniques.

How and where you market your property, as well as how you advertise it, will impact how quickly and what kind of tenants you get.

To ensure that you can obtain a tenant fast and create consistent rental income, you must plan a smart marketing campaign that will make the best first impression on potential tenants.

Make certain you’re:

  • Taking care of and investing in any necessary renovations as well as tenant inquiries
  • Get high-resolution photographs of your rental property from a professional photographer.
  • Maintain your property and make any necessary improvements.

Hiring a professional property management company is also an excellent investment if you want to ensure that your property is well-maintained and generates a high return on your investment.

Make simple, cost-effective modifications to your rental that will increase its value.

Maintaining your home is critical if you want to obtain a decent return on your investment. It’s critical to make tiny, effective expenditures at the correct moment to avoid ballooning maintenance costs in the long run.

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, here are some things to consider:

  • Pay attention to the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Re-paint your home.
  • Any outside places should be kept clean and well-maintained.
  • Replace any flooring that has become worn out.
  • Fixtures and repairs

Be proactive with maintenance

It’s critical to respond to any repair and maintenance issues highlighted by your renters in order to keep them satisfied and avoid major difficulties. Regular routine inspections of your property are another important element of property upkeep.

If you don’t live in the same city as your property, you might choose to hire a property management business with professional property managers who will do frequent inspections on your behalf. You will have a crew that will be proactive in property maintenance if you hire a property management firm.

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